Monday, December 05, 2005

Maybe it's best Dara and DeeDee skip this one....

I kicked a dog for the first time today.

Before you call me in to the humane society, let me just say that it is a "cultural thing." We even addressed this at staging. Seeing somebody kick a dog in one can communicate very different messages from one country to the next. For example, in the states, if you see someone kick a dog you think "That horrible, heartless asshole! Someone should kick him/her." Whereas, in Costa Rica, if you see someone kicking a dog you think "That yippy little bastard is lucky he/she wasn't carrying a gun!" It's subtle, but there is a big difference. I must say also, that it was totally in self defense. I was running down the street, minding my own business when a pack of (okay two)little yippy chihuahua dogs came after me. You must also keep in mind that the dogs here are taught to be guard dogs as in, it is perfectly acceptable for a dog to tear apart a guest because, that is the dogs job and it is not expected to be able to tell the difference between a guest and an intruder. So viscious barking and biting is generally encouraged. Add to that, that smaller dogs are not confined to their yard, so you don't have to be a guest or even anywhere near the property to be a target. I guess the philosophy behind that one is that if they are small enough to squeeze between the bars, how much damage can they really do? So, it got kicked, it wasn't hard. He didn't even yelp. Just enough to establish contact and send a message. That message being; "Oh shit! The gringa is acculturating!"


Anonymous said...

Like they say, the first step in communication is getting their attention .... speaking in language they can understand is key and sets the ground rules! Self defense, I'd say.... No one looks good with teeth marks/gashes on their ankles... even tats are better!


Anonymous said...

You know the saying "if you can't run with the big dogs, don't get off the porch". Well that little yippy dog now has some concept that he may not be one of the "big dogs".
You are absolved of any wrongdoing as far as I'm concerned.
Love Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi -

I'm coming to Costa Rica in March with Rural Community Development and would love to email you a few questions/hear more about your experiences... If you have a second, email me at (couldn't track down your address...). I'd really appreciate hearing from you! Pura vida,

Anonymous said...


I know Kevin Allgood! his email address is he went to colorado state and is from cali, so he is your man.

peace out,