Saturday, June 03, 2006

By popular demand...

Okay... I guess it has been a while since I blogged. Part of the problem is that I have been somewhat busy and that things here are starting to feel a lot like life in general and a lot less like exciting adventures. The other part is that I am receiving less and less feedback so I wasn't sure if anyone was still paying attention. For those of you that emailed, thanks and for those of you that don't "shame on you!" Okay... enough chastising.

I FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY got my cell phone. It only took a month and massive international interventions. Not really, but I got my phone so I will be able to be in contact with the world again.

All of a sudden I have quite a few projects going on as well. Things that I had hoped to start months ago are suddenly coming to pass. Wonders never cease. I am starting an English class Tuesday night and an exercise class for "older" women on Wednesday. I have found a group of high school kids that I am going to start working with, that I am pretty excited about. I have also been doing quite a bit with the AIDS clinic and I am hoping to continue to do so in the future.

I gave a charla to AIDS patients and their families a couple weeks ago that went really well It felt good to be counseling again (somewhat). You don't realize how much you miss contributing and being a part of something productive until you do it again. It's like, "oh yeah, I remember this.... working... it's kinda nice." So things are coming along.

I spent last week in San Jose working on the Cadena. The issue turned out really well. We had quite a bit of volunteer contributions. This issue is our biggest yet. It was kind of nice to be in San Jose and out of the heat a bit. It is like a different world when I go there... sometimes it is a 20 degree temperature difference. (Not exaggerating).

I came back yesterday and Maria, her brother and his girlfriend stayed at my house. It was really nice. We made dinner, drank some beer, and talked. They didn't even mind having to sleep on the floor with me. Or at least they didn't tell me they minded so much. I have new neighbors that are quite loud so I am less excited about that. I share a wall with then that misses meeting the ceiling by about four inches so there is literally very little to block sounds like conversations, television/radio(which must always be played loud enough to deafen children and small animals) and, of coarse, bodily functions. But, así­ es la vida.


Anonymous said...

Yes we are still watching for tidbits of your life adventure.
Please continue keeping us posted.
Love Dee
PS-try earplugs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we are, well I am anyways.. I check for updates every few days. Keep us posted and send some pics.


Holly said...

Thinkin' about ya girl! You're not missing anything here, except of course, uuummmmmm, welllll...I did read in the Blotter last week that a man was arrested for being drunk while riding his horse and falling off in the middle of Bunting Ave! Yeah, so frickin' goes life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley, Sorry about being so lame about responding, but I do constantly keep up with your blogs. I have been on the road alot with work and at my desk just long enough to respond to work e-mails. Keep blogging though, it's important.Is another care package in the future a needed thing? Let me know what did and did not work and we'll readjust to your needs. Love Ya lots. DJP & KMR