Tuesday, July 18, 2006

La tecnica de gato montes

Two down, one to go. I got through the community activities. They went pretty well although I had to scale back pretty massively for multiple logistical reasons. The kids really liked them though and keep asking me when we are going to do them again. I am working on that....

Yesterday and last night I hosted a group of 9 trainees in my barrio. It went pretty well. I hung out last night with a friend of mine that has been organizing the dance classes. We went out with her son and nephew and caught crabs on the beach. It was so fun. I didn't actually catch any, I mostly ran around screaming and laughing. I did witness her son perform a very interesting technique for catching a crab that involves springing on it like a cat. I laughed so hard my face hurt.

This weekend I am taking, hopefully, four teenagers to a camp near San Jose. I am still struggling to get the kids to confirm they can go but I am hoping that it will all work out in the end. Vamos a ver.


Anonymous said...

I got a little giggle thinking of someone "springing like a cat" on a crab. But mostly, thinking of you "laughing until your face hurt" made me laugh too.
Sounds fun!
Love Dee

Pigmy said...

Caught crabs on the beach, huh? heehee

Gringa Perdida said...

Yup... only not the kind you gotta tell the nurse about. :)

Anonymous said...

I got a little giggle myself about springing on the crab, because just recently I witnessed your Aunt Dee Dee springing on crabs on the beach in Cabo with a plastic cup and trying to dig them out of the sand as fast as they were trying to bury themselves. Love Ya mucho!!!!