Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dengue Ultra Lite

26 months into service, 1 month to go and I get Dengue. It's a pretty easy case, I felt a little down on Saturday, worse on Sunday (I didn't stray far from the hammoch), yesterday was a little better and today got the infamous Dengue rash. Still moving pretty slow but looks like the worst is over. I got off pretty easy. Didn't even have to go to the hospital.


Abby and Owen said...

Hey, hopefully you get this sometime soon, because I couldn't find an email address. Anyway, I'm a PCV in the Philippines, and in about 8 months I'll be done here. I'm lookin to do another 2 years in a central/south american country. Can you tell me anything about the program there, like what the specific job placements are? Is the program cool? For example, our CD here sucks, he's a total control freak, so I'm hoping to avoid that. What did you think of CR, cool, not cool? Was being fluent in Spanish an absolute requirement to being accepted to the program? I'm semi-fluent, but after 2 years of Filipino I'm not as good as before... So, etc etc, you know, anything you can tell me that might help me make a decision?

If you can hit me back at theoldswitcheroo(at)gmail.com, I will buy you a beer. If we ever meet. Ha.

Leoma said...

Good for people to know.