Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quick Breather

We made it through the wedding. It was a lot of fun. I am trying to get some more pictures uploaded through Kodak, but am having technical problems, so hopefully those will get worked out. The ceremony and reception was in La Nueva Concepcion, Gloria's hometown. My friend Kathy and her brother John flew in from San Francisco for the festivities.
Here's some pictures....
Gloria and Carlos

Me and Kathy

Dance Part-ay!

Kathy a la Carnival

Carlos, Raul, Kathy, Me, John, Paola, and Ileana

Afterwards, we, La Mara, continued with the festivities in La Palma. More pics from the after party....

Gloria in traditional post-wedding, pick-up truck ride home

Me and Kathy

La Mara at the Cabins in La Palma

Nadia, Kathy, me, Carlos, John

Directly after the wedding, a delegation arrived from Oregon of 25 high school kids. I spent the first three days with them, working 12+ hours a day until about 2 am Thursday morning when my body said "ENOUGH!" and began violently expelling fluids. So to say the least, I have not made it to work the last two days but am hoping to be able to join the delegation again this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning. This delegation leaves on next Friday and then I have about 5 busy days (one of those actually a non-work day) before my delegation arrives on the 28th. Followed shortly, I'm certain, by some sort of collapse.

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