Monday, March 17, 2008

Tico Justice

I just got an update on the guy that mugged me over a year ago in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, the update is NOT that my case will finally be heard in court. The update is the the same crackhead piece of s*#@ that mugged me, just mugged the volunteer that took my place.


Yet another event that reminds me that I am a woman of peace by choice and not by nature.


Alicia Kaul said...

I wish Costa Rica had a don Pablo to clean up their riff-raff, perhaps make an invisible fence around it that the drug dealers, users, gangs and prostitutes could not cross. That sucks!
"In principle I am a peaceful person. In principle. But sometimes, in life, for principle you're gonna have to kick some ass." Jill Scott

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed reading your stories, I was mugged in Cairo and know that it's not a great feeling. Sort of like being invaded. Yes, it is true that for a people to live in peace a democratic government is still the best way. Society will aways have evil in it so it is up to society to protect its people from that evil. Not always easy and not always what some consider just. It is also the only government that will give individuals the opportunity to be the best they can be and that in itself is what makes a great society.

Be safe,

Love, Aunt Den