Friday, November 28, 2008

Final Post

The time has come. Three years, four months and twelve days after my departure from the US, I have returned... for the immediate future at least.

I returned to El Salvador on Wednesday. The bus from Guatemala City was held up somewhere between Tapachula, Mexico and the capital so we were three hours late in leaving. I got back and went right to bed. I spent the next days trying to get things wrapped up, packed and sold.

Friday night at about 6p, my friends Carlos and Gloria made me a tia to a beautiful baby girl, Camila Rosivel Sanchez Casteneda. I was thrilled to be able to meet her before I left. I spent Sunday hanging out with them in El Espino, and then Monday, began the goodbyes for real.

Monday night, my friends John and Nadia were married. I also feel fortunate to have been able to attend their wedding. I also got the chance to meet the Boltz clan. Things were flying by pretty quick so I am hoping to be able to make it out to San Fran some time and hang with them for reals.

Tuesday morning I had my last Salvadoran pupusa with my friend Hugo who had just arrived back in El Sal from Sweeden. We got to hang out just long enough to hug and catch up before I left for the airport. Armando and Raul (El Mae'tro) drove me to the airport.

So I arrived in Denver late Tuesday night which officially ends this round of Latin American adventures. On to job searches, culture adjustments and, I predict, freezing to death. Thanks to everyone that has kept up on my blog and shenanegans, I hope you have enjoyed the ride, as much as I have.

La Gringa Perdida, signing off....


Anonymous said...

Kelley - Welcome back to the US! Be patient with the re-patriation process - it's just as difficult as the expat process when you leave. It takes a while for you to get used to the hustle and bustle and greediness of life here... We're still adjusting after a year of being home. Just know that we're thinking of you as you get re-settled.
Write when you can.

Daniela said...

It can't be real!

Listen, lady, you'd better get your nalgas back here right this minute. I've gone and got Typhoid without you here to keep me out of trouble. And it's only the beginning.

And, if that's not possible, at least send me your new mailing address.

If you start a state-side blog, count me in.