Saturday, June 25, 2005


I'm officially unemployed again. Last day of work was Thursday. Did well all day. Had a minor emotional break at the bar narated by a co-worker. But hey, if you're gonna do it, it's really best to do it some place public and involve as much alcohol as possible. :)

Drove to (Grand) Junction yesterday and hung with the El Salvador gang. We reminisced about third world emergency rooms, intestinal distress and Jalalajara the night club where we spent our last night in country. I think the best way to desscribe the club is by stating that the concept of "liability" does not translate. Anyway, rockin' bunch of people. Oh, I was also groped by a former client's mom. That was a little funky.

Two weeks tomorrow.


Pigmy said...

Is she laughing or crying? Nothing could have replaced that night! Kelley wallowing in her many pitchers of PBR and repeating, “I’m fine”, “It’s fine”, while laughing hysterically with tears running down her face. Yes Kelley, you are fine. We will all be fine without you. Our lives will go on while you are out saving the world. After the heartache of missing you has subsided, we will all eventually be better than fine, maybe even great. However, nothing will ever replace our memories of you. You are inspiring.

Gringa Perdida said...

I believe it was "I'm F.I.N.E., It's F.I.N.E."

Pigmy said...

Yes, that would be Fucked-up, Insane, Neurotic, and Emotional.

ladyslonic said...

Gringa perdida Fucked-up? - NOOOOO