Monday, January 16, 2006

Other Voices

Hey all... I wanted to post this link to a piece that Macho (aka Adam) sent to his hometown newspaper. He is a great kid and has an incredible outlook on just about everything. I thought you might like to hear a story from here, but from a little different perspective.



Anonymous said...

Great story! Amazing that sometimes what we consider to be so little can have such a big impact on others!

So glad you shared it with us. I think we're all learning as much as you are. We're seeing the world through your eyes and it changes all of us in ways we couldn't have imagined!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great time tonight. Still reading your inputs about your journey.Sounds like it's going great. You have posted some awsome picture as well. Keep your head up it's almost over.

Anonymous said...

Kelley, Happy Birthday to you, hope you had a wonderful one, actually, I consider every birthday wonderful. I spent the last week in Grand Junction with Grandma Elna, she is such a dear. Take care, Love, Aunt Dee (Godmother)