Monday, January 23, 2006

Post B-day Update

Well, this entry is coming a little late. My post b-day blog entry was waylayed by my post b-day recovery session. For those of you paying attention that implies a very good birthday. Pretty mellow. We went to dinner, good food (Tico-Mexican), bad margarita (can't have it all), followed by Cuba Libres (Rum and Coke) and hanging in the koosh hotel apartment that Peace Corps provided for IST.

Back in the site, I have actually got some projects on the verge of existance. I met with the director of the health clinic this morning and will be meeting with the senior group on Wednesday to get my geriatric aerobics classes rolling. I am also working on putting together a camp with Scott and Andre for the kids in our barrios and the albergue kids. So... actually starting to get a little busy. That means that I may put in about 8 hours this week. Phew!... may need to hire a personal assistant.

On to the weather... The weather in Puntarenas is hot and humid with a 99% chance of excessive perspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelley, Throw in some Thi Chi with your aerobics class. I bet they would enjoy that. I haven't forgot the care package. It should be on it's way soon. Talk to ya !!

Anonymous said...

Come on ya do-gooder, let's see some pictures of the seedier side of life!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the aerobics classes and the camps! Sounds like fun and I know they'll have a great time with you.

Will send some pics soon of the "cousins" party... It was fun!

Kind of a mid-western cloudy day in Colorado today, but warm for this time of year.


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