Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Settling in...

My Casita

This is the back yard which conveniently holds my bathroom sink

The living room, including fridge and one chair

I am sleeping on the floor and having surprisingly few problems with it

My roommate :)

Well... things have been moving right along here. I have been adopted by two different families which is actually quite nice. One is in Puntarenas and have a kiosk where they sell souvenirs to tourists. They are extremely generous to me even though I have much more than they do. I am teaching their oldest son English. They are lots of fun... the younger ones call me "tia" (aunt) and cry when I leave. The other family is in San Jose. The mom is a retired Sociology professor and the dad teaches Anthropology/History. They are a tremendous help in my technical and social issues vocabulary. They are also incredibly generous in allowing me floor space when I need a place to crash in San Jose. I feel so loved.

I am frantically trying to get ready to go to El Salvador AND gather information for the community analysis that I have to write. My priorities are obviously in that order as I have had months to get info for the analysis and am waiting til I have just three weeks before it is due and am spending one of those weeks on vacation. I am justifying it with the thoght that I will be practicing my Spanish the entire time I am gone so it can almost, technically be considered "working on it."


Anonymous said...

Aaahhh, still have that procrastinatin skill learned while obtaining not one, but two bachelor degrees!
Have fun in El Sal, but don't join any gangs.

lorraine said...

Kelley, reading about your adventures there are food to my soul. I hope our contribution helps to make the conference happen. Peace and love, Lorraine Poulson