Monday, April 24, 2006

Sol y Arena

I made it home again safe and sound. I kind of hit the ground running, figuratively and somewhat literally as well. I can't believe I've been back a week already. I have been working on my community analysis and it is taking over my life. Lots has happened this week. Sadly, last Thursday I went to Constance's site to help her pack to send her back to New Orleans. I am really bummed, I will miss her a lot. She has been quite the trooper but the forces of the universe have made it quite clear that she is not suppose to be here and it is time for her to go home. I wish her lots of luck and am certain she will find her place.

On Saturday, I ran the Sol y Arena. It was incredible... grueling. It is a 10K run on the beach. I ran from the Hospital in El Roble to the tourist street in Puntarenas. They have to do it at low tide so this year it was at 3p. It is was incredibly hot and humid but I was able to run the whole thing. My time was about 1 hour 9 min. It is the longest and furthest I have ever run. I was beyond exhausted when I finally got to the end and was nearly in tears when I found out that they didn't have water... just sport drinks. I should have known better and should have prepared better, but my support staff was on a plane to New Orleans. Anyway, I survived!


Anonymous said...

Kelley, Glad to here your back home and safe. Quite the experience it sounds like. Congrats on the 10K, you a studette woman. Love Ya DJP

Anonymous said...

You're such an inspiration to me! I'll see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kelly!!! High 5 for running the marathon. I couldn't do the first 10 minutes so you are my hero.
Love you
Aunt Wy