Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Tamales

I spent most of last Friday afternoon making Christmas tomales with my "little old ladies" that I teach aerobics to. They were making them to sell and we ended up making about 200 tomales. They were so excited that I was helping them and learning to make tomales so that I could make them back in the states and/or for my Tico husband. They couldn't seem to decide which outcome they would rather see but had a great time debating the two.

It was a lot of fun and the tomales turned out ricisimo. Here's what I learned....

First you roast the banana leaves

Then you cook some stuff....

The tomales are masa (corn meal dough stuff), rice (no lack of carbs here), potatos, carrots, green peppers, pork, and chayote (a tropical vegitable) rolled in plantain leaves.

Then tied with love by little old ladies (Emphasis on the little, I don't think that either of them hit 5')

That's it!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a tomale cooking lesson and eating them. Although I don't know that we'll be able to find all those ingredients here.
What cute little ol ladies! I have to giggle thinking of them doing aerobics!

Texas reporter said...

Greetings Sr. Perdida (Perdida!?),
I found your blog on the Christmas tamales while researching for a Food Page story I am writing for the Dec. 13 Longview (Texas) News-Journal.
I'd love any comments on the experience you might care to send to How did they taste? What have you learned about the connection between Navidad and the traditional tamale?
I also can be reached at (800) 627-4716 ext. 7753.
My deadline is noon CDT Monday (12-11). You'll be able to see the story on Dec. 13 at
Thanks for any help,
Glenn Evans

Anonymous said...

That looks like our hallacas!!! Yuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!!!!