Monday, December 18, 2006


I have a new part-time roommate. It is a cat. I was going to say that I got a cat... but I didn't really get one. There was no effort whatsoever exerted in the aquisition, much like all my other critter roommates. It officially belongs to a neighbor but hangs out at my house. I decided to let it stay because I figured it may help fend off the rats. For those of you that have witnessed my apathy for animals this may be surprising. However, I have found that the cat and I have come to an mutual understanding of tolerance if, and only if, acknowledgement is unavoidable. The cat is also bi-lingual, meaning that it disregards me in English as well as Spanish. It has actually brought me some peace of mind in that I now can assure myself that it is just the cat making strange noises at night.


Anonymous said...

Very cute little critter, but might need to gain in size some before taking on the rats. Have a great holiday.

Love Ya, DJP

Anonymous said...

I miss your humor! The bilingual comment sure made me laugh :) I hope you're doing well and that you have a great X-mas. Thinking of you,