Wednesday, February 07, 2007

7th Street Bookstore and Café Milagro

Here's a pic of me in one of my favorite San José hangouts. The 7th Street Bookstore where I am able to have a cup of Joe, read a book (or magazine) and write in my journal. It is full of gringos, but the closest thing I have found to stand in for Starry Night.


Ryan said...

Hey gringa,
I'm Ryan, a PCV in Ecuador, living in a small, semi-indigenous village in central Ecuador. I happened upon you blog in a quick search and was wondering if you could spend 2 minutes to help out a fellow PCV. MY brother is getting married in April in Tamarindo, CR, and I decided to show up a week early to travel around the country. So, basically what I'm looking for is a quick couple places you think I should hit (I'm arrive to SJ and have a week to end up in Liberia to meet my family). Also, if you know of any PCVs who are bored (like many of us, from time to time) and would welcome an Ecuador PCV for a site visit (I'd even be willing to help out with any kind of projects, I'm a Youth vol), let me know. To make things easier, my email is, if you have a couple minutes to drop me a line. Much thanks! Cuerpo de Paz, all the way.

Anonymous said...

You look great!
By the way, some paint brushes are on the way (we you you get them by the time you need them) and we gave Byron a check to put into your account for paint and/or other stuff you need.
Love, Lisa & Jerry

Anonymous said...

You look hot! :)