Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I guess it has been a while since I wrote. Not a lot going on, mostly just killing time inbetween vacations. Just kidding...

Um what's new. On the subject of barrio wildlife, I spent about a half an hour helping my neighbor capture a ferrel bunny rabbit in the dark. I told her next time to get a white one, they're easier to see.

Next week I have a bunch of HIV/AIDS presentations I will be doing at the local high school. 11 in 4 days. I should be certifiable by Friday, just in time to give a presenation on NOT beating your children to a group of moms. I'm also working on getting my HIV/AIDS workshop together. I am pretty excited, I found out that the grant proposal I wrote was accepted and the project was fully funded. You all should be excited too cuz it was originally a "hit up folks from home" grant. So, consider this your "get out of donating" free card.

Anyhoo... I have to give an aerobics class to my little old ladies this afternoon and then I have penciled in a big, fatty nap in the hammock.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your grant! It sounds like you're doing amazing work there chica... enjoy your hamaca siesta :)


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Anonymous said...

Being the slacker loser friend that I am, Denise is going to try to bring the package of goodies we have for you with her when she flys down. Sorry I hadn't mailed it yet. Teach your vistors the ropes when they are down there and have a blast.
Love Ya Lots!!!!!!