Sunday, September 07, 2008

Getting Settled...

I made the big move last weekend, so today officially, makes one week in the new house. So far so good. The only domestic hang-up being that my washer is on the fritz. I think the pump has gone out. I have a theory on how it went down, but theories don't fix washing machines. I was able to do one load of laundry this morning by filling the tank with buckets. Worked quite well I might add, but I would really prefer a fully functional washer.

Other than that, things are pretty tame. Worked all week. Work is work. I am scheduled to take the GRE on the 25th of this month. Which means that in leiu of studying I have, rearranged my underwear bucket, calculated my student loan interest, and watched both the democratic and republican conventions. Desperation.


Keith in ottawa said...


If the washer works after you fill it maybe the problem is a clog in the hose which brings the water to the machine itself, just my dollars worth

What is it about this procrastination???? Like right now I should be going to school I should be making a mock up model for this pavilion I have to design and actually build to full scale in a few weeks, things I should be doing, but nah I am reading up on your life, a far superior activity if you ask me.

Good luck with the studying, I forget what are your school choices?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine doing your entire laundry, each week, all year long, for eleven people, by carrying the water from the well, heating it in a tub outside, carrying the water to the laundry tubs, and then hanging the laundry on the line, summer and winter? That is what Grandma Elna did, and your aunts helped each week, we know what carrying water to the laundry is all about.

As always,
Aunt Deb