Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been studying lately for the GRE so, as you can imagine, not a lot seems blog-worthy. I am headed to Guatemala next week to take the GRE and also to participate in the VMM Retreat. I am looking forward to it. One, to be done with the GRE. Two, to see more of Guatemala.

Next month, October 15th, will make one year in El Salvador and bring to a close this episode of my Central American work. My how time does fly. I am going to do one last bit of traveling around Central America with my friend and fellow VM Alicia, who is also finishing up her service in Guatemala. A “farewell” tour of sorts that promises to be, well, memorable.

I am posting a link to the website of a photographer in El Salvador that has taken some really amazing pictures. Enjoy.

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Keith in ottawa said...

Best of luck with the GRE, I know you'll ace it. I am feeling jealous about you and Alicia touring around Central America without me, hehe. I am sure you will leave everyone you meet during your trip wondering what wonderful thing they did in there life to have the pleasure of spending a bit of time with you guys.

Have fun, I am looking forward to all hearing about all the details