Monday, August 29, 2005

Dia del campo

Okay, today is the big day we find out where we are going. We are headed to a Country Club to spend the day recreating. We were told that in the past, they would hand out assignments and then send us to classes but they learned quickly that that really doesn't work out very well. So we get the day off. I am anxious to see where I will go. I had an inside line on where I was going to go, but the word on the street indicates that may not happen. I have learned very quickly that there are no secrets in the Peace Corps. It's all good though. I will post when I know what is going on next.

Better get moving so I don't miss my bus!!


ladyslonic said...

Here's to the cuidad!!! Good luck Kelley - may the divine spirit provide you with what you need -- much love!!

Dad & Carol said...

I am sure you are excited to find out where you are going. Hope it is just the place you were hopeing for. We still miss you and love you. Dad & Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Woman, I hope you get the assignment you desire, and lots of beach time. You deserve both. Saved a baby kitty last Saturday, it's maybe 3 weeks old. Eyes are barely open and can hardly walk. Bottle feeding her and she is getting strong already. She is all black with a smoky gray color in her. We named her Raven. Love You so much. DJP & KMR