Thursday, August 11, 2005

Poco a Poco

Well, I am officially four weeks into my training. If you are one of those counting types, yes, I have actually been gone for five weeks but they don't count the first one since we spent three days in D.C. and four at a resort. So we're at week four. Our language facilitator will change next week which is a bummer because she is super cool. When I can speak Spanish better I can forsee us kickin´it.

My language groiup is down to three people. We started with five. One girl left last week to be with her boyfriend and another girl is headed out soon cuz she just found out she is pregnant. It is really too bad because we had a really great group and I got along with both of them really well. So now it is down to me and the two guys. I have assured them that I will be much harder to shake.

Other than that, the big news is that we have discovered a great coffee spot. It is actually a "soda" which is basically a restaurant/cafe type place. They serve typical Costa Rica dishes and, of course, coffee. The owner is a wonderfully sweet woman named Conchita that has already adopted us and continually reminds us to speak Spanish so that we can learn quicker. She is a lot of fun.

Speaking of which... it is time to go drink said coffee.


Anonymous said...

What an adventure you are having....I am soooo jealous. Thought about joing PC at one time, but didn't have the patience to wait. If I'd known then what I know now......
Things from this side of the world are good. I'd complain, but nobody listens; so why complain, right?
Add me to your photos list.
Love you...Aunty Wy

Anonymous said...

Kell, Your writtings bring back such memories of Cairo, like the standing in line for three hours so some important gov't papers that must be filled out, no matter what, are signed and places one in the official system, only to see those very same papers with your carefully written signature, thrown out the window, into the courtyard, to land atop million of other very necessary papers. The first time it happened we were shocked, the last time, we were passive.
We are back from our trip, had a wonderful time, but now are looking reality square in the face. Still have no idea where will be our next home, just add us to the list marked, "Homeless"
Your coffee drinking brings back memories, there is something about coffee that is so comforting, gives one a sense of security, it touches the soul of the familiar and keeps one in touch with "good". I'll bet you will find some great chocolate there, too. Another item to add to the "good" list.
Loved seeing the pix, keep sending them, you are in my prayers each day, Love you....Godmother

shedding dog said...

Helloooooooo. Miss you. Thank you for keeping us up on what is happening. What a blessing to be with you on your journey. No advice...not there...never been there...have no place to think I could possibly understand. Well, one peace of advice--ICECREAM and PIE. Yep, ICECREAM and PIE. Find it, eat it, meditate on it.
Love you so very much. Read Hethans Guide...
Man I love that book.