Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I have titled this entry logistics, which I think is very appropriate as it tends to occupy much of my time. There are the things that you plan, and there are the things that actually happen. It is definately the number one area in which cultural adjustments must be made. For example...

Today I was planning on going to class in the morning, getting on the bus and going to the Peace Corps Office (PCO) to 1) Get a check-up (routine) 2) get a credit card out of the safety deposit envelope (!) so that I will have some money to go on a short trip this weekend 3) Upload pictures (for free) onto the internet so that I can send them to anxious friends and family and 4)turn in receipts.


The check-up is not at the PCO, it is at a hospital, which means that I will need to figure out where the hospital is, and most likely spring for a cab. Okay do-able. So I will just got to the hospital from the PCO, I still have a couple of hours of free internet. I call early so that I will be able to have access to my valuables. Hmmmm.... Luis won't be in the office til Thursday and he's the only one with access. So we're down to internet time... still pretty okay. I mention this to a fellow PCT and she tells me I'd better think again because the current PCV's are working on "La Cadena" the PC newsletter and they have reserved the computers and have made it quite clear that PCT's are not welcome. So, that leaves me at the internet cafe, paying for access and trying to figure out what would be the best (aka cheapest) bus/taxi combo to get me to my doctor's appoitment. Flexibility will beat out efficiency any day.

More about my site....

To give you a peek into PCV life, the second most important factor in site selection, after the proximity to the beach, who are the closest PCVs. In this area I have also lucked out. I will be one of the very few PCVs to have a site mate. That means that there is another volunteer within minutes of my site. His name is André and he has been there for about a year. I will also be very close to Scott, who is in my language group and is in the "in" crowd (Scott, Adam, Kelley, Mike and Maria). So that is very, very good. Less fun is the fact that Maria will practically be on the other side of the world. She has to take a couple of buses, a boat and swing across a river to get to her site. It will be great for her, but will mean we will not be able to hang out as easily, but we are making plans to take trips. Mike is near Maria, so he's pretty far. Adam is floating around in the middle. Spreads us out quite a bit, but the good part is that give us a lot to work with when we are ready to start visiting each other's sites.

I guess that's it for now... Keep sending emails and making comments... I love hearing from you!!!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know your friends will be relatively close and that you'll have a support system close by.

Do you know what kind of program you'll be involved in during your permanent assignment? Will you pick up where someone else left off, or must you design your own?

The internet says Puntaarenas is a PRIMO beach area ... glad you'll be nearby and that you can take advantage of it on your days off :))

Keep sending us the updates! Love you lots and miss you,


ladyslonic said...

I love you and I'm glad that you are having a good time - but really my friend I need to know about the guy!!!

Anonymous said...

When you're in far away places, friends are absolute MUSTS!!! However, the beaches can be a great second choice. All that solitude, waves lapping on the beach, the hunks in speedos, and mas tequilla. or rum, if you prefer. Oh what I would give to be the bird on your shoulder.

Love you lots,
Auntie Wy

Anonymous said...

Miss Kelley, So good to hear from you, and so glad you got the assignment you wanted. Still waiting for word on the position for the civil engineer and his wonderful wife.
Gma Elna sends her love, hasn't been feeling too well, has had dry eye but now seems to be a little better. I'm in Colo. now and it looks like we will be moving to AZ by the end of the month. No beach but hey, what can I do. Must run, Love, Godmother

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley,
Love your website, wish we could talk to you, and glad you are having a good time and hope you have the site you requested.
Love you
Grandma Elna

Anonymous said...

I pass your letters onto the Professor and he is really happy for you and he loves reading your letters.
Love again,
Gma Elna

Anonymous said...

congrats on the assignment kelley b! i guess we're both living on the pacific now. i'll give a big wave your way next time i'm out in the water. send some of those big south pacific swells up our way if you can...
glad to hear you are near a fellow volunteer you can commiserate with.
peace and love
-david o