Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Costa Rica Small Animal Zoo a.k.a Kelley's room

Last night I went into my room and discoved a new roommate. He was actually smaller and less creepy than the last house guest but he still had to go. He was a little frog. I am not sure how he got in there. I was able to snap a photo before I coaxed him out of my room with a manilla folder. Sorry, Dara, no standing on the bed but I still couldn't bring myself to touch him. He was quite the jumper though.

I am working on getting some ground work done so that I can start some projects after the holidays. I have been told over and over that NO ONE works here until about February. So I have decided it is vital to my assimilation process that I hold out and take it easy for a couple more months. I did get a lead today though. I attended an AIDS (SIDA) charla and found out that of the 2000 residents in my barrio, there are 32 diagnosed cases of SIDA. So, I spoke with the presenters and they seemed really excited that I am here and willing to help out. Sounds like fun. In the least, sounds like a great health topic that will most likely be riddled with political overtones. My "especialidad!"

Friday I am headed to check out the volcanos. The Jack man gave me strict instructions to send home pictures of lava. Specifically from INSIDE the volcano. That sounds rather uncomfortable so I think he will have to settle for pictures from a "reasonable distance."

Tuesday is our VAC conference at a boy scout camp outside of San José. It is suppose to be cold so I am thinking it may just drop down into the low 60's. I will probably freeze. The other day as I caught a chill from the air conditioning, I starting thinking that my re-acclimation process when I get home may be kind of heinous. Anyway, I will be out in the jungle for Turkey Day and I'm not sure I will have communication access so Happy Turkey Day to all!

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Joya LeBeth said...

Hey Gringa P, I enjoy reading your blog very extra much because I have been invited to join Peace Corps in Costa Rica begining the end of Feb 06! So it's very possible that we would met each other and maybe even work together! I just decided to introduce myself so i don't feel like reading your blog is some kind of secret. Do you know if any of your Corps mates in Costa Rica have blogs right now?
I think about PC so much, and what it will be like or may be like or could be like, but reading other folks real accounts is helping keep me focused on the realness of the situation.
Oh yeah and do you have any advice about important stuff to do during the last 3 months before service? Once you got to Costa Rica, Is there stuff you wish you had known or prepared for during your last months in America?
Well, again, nice to met you online and i hope we can met in person sometime.
Joya soon-to-be-tica Green