Tuesday, November 22, 2005

La Fortuna

El Cinco reunited in La Fortuna this weekend. La Fortuna is the closest town to Volcan Arenal the volcano that has been errupting for the last few years. It was a pretty good time although we learned quickly that there is definately a tourism industry here and you have to pay to do anything. We were able to talk our hotel guy into a cheap tour of the volcano and a short hike. We were also able to swim in the thermal waters. There are a number of resorts set up but you have to pay $25+ to get into them, so we swam in the river next to the parking lot. It was perfect. I feel sorry for the saps that pay. Of coarse, we had to deal with Scott's uninvited skinny dipping, but I guess you get what you pay for...

We also ran into a Peace Corps Volunteer from Nicarague and ended up hanging out with her one night. It was really cool to get perspective on what PC is like in other countries. We also have someone to stay with when we travel in Nicaragua.

We got back to San Jose last night and Maria and I opted to stay in a hostel rather than the usual hotel down town. Good call. The hostel is much nicer than the hotel, has free coffee and internet, the ambiance is incredible, and we saved a buck. Doesn't get much better than that.

This afternoon we are headed to the VAC retreat. We are excited that the weather is "cold." The temperature has dropped down to 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) so we are bundled up.

Happy Turkey Day all!


Holly said...

Hey Kel, I was just reminiscing about Turkey Day last year when i get to spend it with your family in Carbondale, that was great. Your family was so friendly and welcoming. My mom is coming here tomorrow to stay until Tuesday, se Lindsey, baby Ky and I are excited. Take care, gobble gobble!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Chile
I think this is my first Turkey-day away from home in about 30 years...sort of feels funny. I'm looking forward to meeting the other ex-pat friends of Tracey and Josh later today. Should be fun. One of the reason's it feels funny is that Thursday is not a holiday here so the holiday is celebrated by the expats in the villa - about 10 families.
Love you Aunt Wy