Saturday, November 25, 2006

Día del Pavo

Thanksgiving 2006 has officially been declared a "raging success." Gracias a Zoey. We spent the holiday in a lodge like rental just outside of San Marcos del Terrazu, South of San Jose. We had everything... turkey (2), stuffing, sweet potatoes, hummus and pretzle jello. We stuffed ourselves shamelessly. We played games, we chortled, we drank. It was a thoroughly enjoyable time. I even got the pictures uploaded and sent out. I am quite possibly one of the best foto sharers in the Peace Corps. :)

Anyhoo... hope Turkey Day for all back home was good. Love you and miss you all. Next year, I'll eat, drink and play games with you. Si Díos quiere.


Anonymous said...

We missed you, too... there were 40 people at Aunt Cathy's this year. Lots of food, laughter, family and friends. Everyone asked about you and are looking forward to seeing you at the dinner table next year!

I'm glad you were able to all get together... Looks like you had all the traditional fixin's and it turned out delicious.

Keep up the good work!

Loves and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Saw your Thanksgiving pictures. What a feast. Glad you had a chance to be with everyone.

Love Ya DJP