Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quintiscencial Peace Corps

The foto is a picture of Zoey and I in front of the "Food Court" (That's a Spanish term meaning "American food like items"). That's right, we decided we did not have enough time to bus anywhere natural and still have time and money to relax so we opted to go to the mall. You scoff... but let me just say that I had my first glass of wine since being in country and IT WAS WONDERFUL! Zoey is also really, really cool so a weekend full of hanging and partaking in great conversation was exactly what I needed. We watched a movie, and saw a Brazilian and a Cuban band. We danced met lots of international people which was kind of cool because we all had to converse outside of our native languages. Zoey nearly died as she stepped in front of a car trying to avoid a sketchy homeless guy, but she did't so we considered that a plus for the evening. We rounded the night out by stopping at a 24 hour chicken place and then stayed in a hostel whose entrance is only slightly less conspicuous than that of the bat cave. Thouroughly enjoyable weekend.

Monday and Tuesday we were at a retreat above Tres Ríos just outside of San José. It was held at a monestary and the grounds were huge and gorgeous. We met our counterparts, which are the agency and community representatives we will be working with in our sites. I had two counterparts at the retreat, one was a teacher from 20 Noviembre and the other is a worker in the PANI (Social Services)office in Puntarenas. It was a good experience although I had a moment of panic when the realization surfaced that I will have to be doing everything in Spanish. It's better now that I have repressed that reality.

I was in a hurry packing my things when we left and I forgot my journal at the retreat. I called and they said they couldn't find it so I spent most of Tuesday evening in a deep and dark depression. I called again on Wednesday and they had found it so I feel much better now.... assuming that it was my journal and not some other book. I will know on Friday when I get it back.

Okay.... I don't think Lisa is going to let me off the hook on this one so I will make it official. I have been dating a Tico. His name is Esteban. He doesn't speak any English which is good for advancing my Spanish but may not turn out so well if we find out that once we are able to understand completely what the other is saying, we don't like what we hear. Last night, we watched the Costa Rica v. Domincan Republic soccer game at one of his friend's house. It was a lot of fun and definately a cultural experience. Costa Rica is the playoffs for the World Cup. So it was quite exciting.

On Saturday I go on my site visit. I spend six days in Puntarenas and then return on the 15th. One of my objectives is to check out community resources a.k.a. find internet cafe so I should be able to write before I get back.


Anonymous said...

Esteban huh? Way to go cuz'. Hope you get your journal back.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kel,
What a great thing to hear from you this morning. Gma Elna and I are having a ball keeping up with you, although, we are finding it pretty hard, you are one go-go girl.
Now, for those of us who are living vicariously through you, please post a picture of you and "the man". Just saying there is a man isn't enough.
It's raining in GJ today, looks like my trip over to Denver might be wet. Will meet Kevin in Denver on Wed and then to Buena Vista for three days and back to MN until the end of October, or until cows fly. Are looking forward to seeing Byron, Dara and Jackson and maybe Tracey and the kids, they get into Denver tomorrow. We send our love and we keep you in our prayers, Love, Grandmother and Godmother

Dad & Carol said...

I would love to see a picture of Esteban. I did not see him in any of the pictures you sent. You look great in the pictures Kelly. You look happy. Seeing you makes me miss you but you are doing what you want to do and that is good. A lot people do not get to do that. We are so proud of you. Love you
Dad & Carol