Monday, September 12, 2005

Como se dice "hooked up"?!

Wow! I have got to say that I am spending quite a bit of time pinching myself. So far, I absolutely adore my site. I feel incredibly spoiled. I can walk to the beach (granted it's poluted but heh...), my new family is really awsome, my room is huge, I have my own bathroom AND cable TV. I get to watch the news in English! I am bloggin from the school... yes... there is free internet access in my barrio! I am amazed. I am totally cheating... most people join Peace Corps and end up in B.F.E. Africa... I get paradise.

All that aside... I know there is balance in the universe so I am expecting some really rough projects. The barrio is pretty rough and has a huge drug problem. So... there is actual work here as well. But in the very least... I'll have a comfortable 'home base' from which to deal with all that.

Yesterday, I rode the bus into Puntarenas Central to meet Scott and Andre. (Andre is a current volunteer that has been living in the area for the last year. He is super cool.) I got on the bus and the driver asked me if I was the one running through the barrio that morning. I told him I was and he said it was better to run on the beach. "Welcome to the fishbowl," I thought.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you've been assigned a great place to live. I'll take luck over skill any day!Sounds like you'll do just fine!!!!

Take heed of the local wisdom... run where it's safe! And, I have to tell you again, you look MAAHVELOUS!!!!!!!

Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

Cable,! And here you were counting on dirt floors, and a dilapitated outhouse. Poor you!
Sounds like not too many gringas are around, let alone running through the barrio in the a.m. If you think it's safe ??? Running in the sand is not good for your joints.

Anonymous said...

Hi Woman, Glad you have all the accomadations to stay in touch at least. Krista may be going to New Orleans for a week with the Sisters of Charity to help out at the hospitals. Not a certainty yet. Will keep you posted. Love Ya so much. Bind those breasts when jogging please. DJP

Anonymous said...

Hi Kel,
So look forward to your new postings, I was sort of surprised about the houka pipe, in Cairo they are called the hubbly bubbly. Being that we were too old and out of touch even then, we did not partake, some in our company did, problem was, the folks before filled them with hash, not good.

American TV is cheating, you know that the news from here is only bad, they forget to tell about the people who go into the Peace Corps and all the young people who do so much good for the community. Call me a sap but I have so much faith in our society, the young people I know who are taking over our world are so wonderful. The best part is that they come from all walks of life, from all political persusations, religions, etc. and they bring out the best in America.

Which reminds me, The USA soccer team is also in the world finals, special to us because we know the assistant coach and his family, his son, Travis, and Isaac played soccer together for several years. And then, too, the fact that it is USA is the greater issue.

Yeah, run on the beach or carry a big gun, whatever works. With that I will send my love, take care, Love, Godmother

shedding dog said...

Moving forward girl. Great. Reading your other book gift, "Chosen", great. Miss you much. In school, getting cooler here, things going forward. Next time ask around before a run. Happy for you, very happy for you.