Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Okay... I finally got the fotos to load. I know you all have been breathlessly awaiting pictures of the architecture in the National Theater. Wait no more...


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! He's hot! Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kel,
So glad to see your pictures, the theatre beatiful, the guy handsome, isn't it fun to have a nice, special, person in your life? These are the moments memories are made of, just make sure that the memories you make are ones that you will want to remember.

I am so slow, I still don't understand exactly what you will be doing down there. I know that when I was in Cairo we taught the women to care for their babies as in when the child has a tommy ache, don't put a hot poker on him to chase out the evil spirits, and that it is okay to bathe a baby right after birth, don't wait two months. Oh boy!!

We're still waiting to hear about Kevin's next project, just love to live in limbo, you know the big decisions, shall I buy one pound or three pounds of coffee?

Always love you postings, keep 'um coming.
Love, Godmother

Pigmy said...

You two look so cute together!!
You look fabulous!