Friday, September 30, 2005

Swearing In

A quick entry before our swearing in ceremony. Today I will transition into an official Peace Corps volunteer. Pretty exciting stuff. The ceremony is being held at the home of the U.S. Ambassador. That's right... tons of security and marines with no necks or expressions.

The last week has been pretty busy wraping things up. The primary focus has seemed to be restating what we have been hearing for the last three months. It's all good though, starting Sunday I will have plenty of time to think about and miss having something to do.

I thought I should also mention something about the weather. It is the rainy season, or as some say, the "wet" season. I havn't looked into it thouroughly but I believe the naming was derived from the fact that the weather has been rainy and wet everyday. I have experienced what is called and "aguacerra" which means that it is raining so hard that everything, EVERYTHING becomes soaking wet. When it rains in the afternoon, it is so loud in my house that I often can't hear the phone ring or hear music I've got cranked while I'm sitting next to the speaker. There was also quite a bit of flooding last weekend. Many roads were closed and people's houses were flooded. Apparently Puntarenas Central experienced some flooding but I called my new family and they told me they didn't get much where they are at. That's good. So begins the drama of living 10' above sea level. Ten feet is good, as long as the sea doesn't come to you.


Anonymous said...

I heard about flooding in CR. Hope you brought your water wings.
Wish you were here for this weekend. We have a marvelous time planned at your Grandma Burns' house. A number of temporarily insane family members (temporary is questionable for some) are going to attempt to put a new roof on. We could use your bright shiny smile, wit and entertaining demeanor to help prevent any "unforeseen accidents" from occuring to any obnoxious participants.
Miss ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, new Volunteer! You've passed another milestone... you can be so proud of yourself! It has taken courage and determination to hang in there through all that training and the sometimes questionable living conditions ... all the way to the Ambassador's house... Kudos to you!

Now your work starts... keep us up to date on what you're doing and how your program is developing. We're all very curious to know what you're actually doing down there. The things that seem mundane and ordinary to you are quite interesting to us, as we are vicariously sharing your experience.

Loves and hugs,