Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bienvenidos a San José

We took a field trip into San Jose yesterday. It was pretty nice to be back again. I feel a lot more independent now that I've been able to get out of my house and move around a bit. The bus system here is pretty interesting. Ticos are extremely laid back in every area, expect for the buses. You can relax and take things easy 99% of the time but you had better have your fair and be ready to move when it comes to buses. Most of the buses here are American buses that have been "revamped for high capacity." This means that handle bars have been installed along the aisles. So whereas in the states the capacity runs about 75, here capacity is easily 200. It works.

We went to the Peace Corps office and to the UCIMED (Medical University of Costa Rica) so that we could orient ourselves to the bus system and find our way to our Friday classes. We will be solo after this. It was kind of cool because the PC office and the University are near where I lived when I was here before. It was nice to see familiar things.

My Spanish classes continue. Every once in a while I feel like I am doing okay and then I try to accomplish something and it all goes out the window. Today we had to leave class and ask random people the meaning of local expressions. I did pretty well and ended up with a local guys email address and his assurance that I could email him for "qual quiere" which losely translates as "whatever you desire." I'll keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe, "Whatever you desire" leaves it wide open doesn't it. The bus system sounds like the bus ride I took from Puerto Valerta to Gaudalajara at about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. We rode with people, chicken and goats, etc. It was great. Love ya, DJP & KMR

Anonymous said...

"Whatever you desire" eh. COOL!
You're set. Didn't take you too long did it!