Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm back and I think I have photos. The pictures I posted are of my room. Yes, it is very small. Do you see my suitcases taking up half the room? It's been kind of amusing, some people have been having a really hard time adjusting to their houses because privacy standards are not up to what they are used to in the states. Most of the walls in the house stop about two feet below the ceiling. This means that there really are no sound barriers between rooms... this includes the bathroom. Luckily, many years of trailer living has prepared me for this experience so I have really not been to bothered by it. I guess growing up in South Central Sutank does have it's advantages. :)

I have also sent out invitations to look at pictures through the Kodak website. I think I got everyone but if you did not get anything from me, email me and I will get on it.

A little tidbit of everyday life... The house I live in has solved the toilet seat problem (Men leave up, women want down). That is... there is no toilet seat. Think about that...

On a "let's remember why I'm here note" the first thing you notice when you get off the plane in San José is a miriad of posters warning about the legal (and emotional)implications of participating in the child sex trade. Apparently Costa Rica has the second highest incidence of sexual exploitation of children. This is very much a result of Costa Rica's "modernity" in that the tourist industry tends to cater to the whims of affluent tourists and investers and when mixed with the poverty and desperation that still exists here, you end up with an advertising campaign promising prosecution IF you get caught. PANI is a government organization here that deals with families and infants, that has sponsored the campaign. It is one of the major organization that the CYF team works with. So, that is one aspect of the reality of life for the poor in Costa Rica.

On a lighter note... I am definately being spoiled. I went for a run this morning and when I got back to my house, my Tica mom was waiting with a cold glass of aqua con pino or chilled water with a touch of fresh pineapple juice. There are definately aspects I could get used to.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, from your pictures...looks like you've come up big time from your days in El Salvador. Indoor eating area and fancy :-)
much love ....Kathy

Pigmy said...

Well, I guess no toilet seat is better than no toilet!
Do you know what you will be doing yet? Maybe you will helping people learn how to salsa! :)
We miss ya.

Anonymous said...

The bus ride reminds me of the buses in Cairo, although I wouldn't know first hand, I just didn't have the nerve to mingle with the men on the bus after talking to the nice Egyptian ladies about their experience. I seems that stuffing a bus so full that people are hanging out all over is a cultural thing.
The child sex thing is beyond understanding, something we all have to actively participate in abolishing. First question is, who really are the ones purpetrating the activity, and then dismember them (literally)part by part.
Love to hear from you....keep it coming.....Love you, Godmother

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley, You have quite the room. It does remind me of the size of room you had in hinkie ville. But your new room is very neat!!! Sounds like so far you are doing great. Knew you would. I never was able to open the last pictures you sent. My email acct. has not been very cooperative lately. Try me again. Love you much Dad & Carol