Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Llanta desinflado

I'm not sure that I have sufficiently described the land transportation system in Costa Rica. Let me start with explaining that everyone here is of the philosphy that each car is equiped with at least two pedals and you must be slamming one of them at all times. Also, traffic laws are not "laws" so much as they are "suggestions." As in "Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I'll pass."

For example, the other night I went to Alejuela with my Tica aunt and her son. The son was driving and he was talking with one of his friends out the drivers side window. Not necessarily unlike American occurances until you take into account that at the time, the truck was in the far left lane, facing oncoming traffic coming out of a blind corner in the calle principal which means "the main road" as in "THE main road." I'm sitting in the passenger seat watching buses, taxis and cars flying into view, slamming on their brakes and veering around us. The best part is that no one even honks... it's that common. No honking, no yelling, no gestures, nothing. Just near misses and back on their way. Needless to say, I have made peace with the fact that when I am in transport, my life is out of my hands. Que será, será.

Speaking of which... on our way back from Alejuela. We got a flat tire. Not too big a deal as the nephew works in a tire shop. And yes, he did have a spare tire. Unfortunately, he does NOT work in a jack shop. So we sat just off the main highway coming from the airport and waited for someone to pull over and help us out. Again with the near misses in traffic. Finally, a taxi driver pulled over and leant us his jack and the tire was changed. I'm still not quite sure how it all worked out as the truck was your typical high clearance truck and the taxi, and subsequently the corresponding jack, was roughly the size of a Ford Pinto. In this country there is definately a "can-do" attitude even in the face of substancial obstacles.

So... if you are wont to worry needlessly, the trafic situation here may provide some more productive material.


Anonymous said...

Hey your back. I was going through withdrawls waiting for new information. I know your busy and all, but please don't keep me waiting like that. You know I have anxiety problems the way it is.
Miss Ya Chica, Love DJP

Mom said...

We were all going through withdrawal waiting for new information. Who knew just going to town could be such an adventure!
Soak it all in !!!

Loves and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Flat tires.....pura vida! Standing on the side of the road...Pura Vida! Dodging traffic...pura vida! Just soaking in all the adventures...PURA VIDA!