Monday, July 11, 2005

The Incidental Tourist

Did the tourism thing this morning. The "big" attractions are only about 14 blocks ro 7 Starbucks from my hotel so I was able to walk down and spent the morning taking in the sites. I saw the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, the Wall, etc. I met a guy named Don who volunteers at a kiosk selling POW pins and patches. He suggested I stick around till next week when the temperature gets up into the hundreds. I politely declined.

I saw the Whitehouse just on the other side of a metal fense, concrete blockades, secret service stations and the press corps. But the BIG attraction was a little tiny woman with a huge helmet of hair and few teeth that has been holding a peace vigil on the sidewalk accross the street from the Whitehouse since 1981. I was thinking she is probably a little nutty until I realized she's homeless can't be "moved along" by law enforcement because she is protected by the first amendment. I love that! I also thought it was rather interesting that there were about 5 times more people gathered around her than at the Whitehouse. They started heckling her (because it's cool AND productive to hassel those with diminished capacity) but were strangely unable to just walk away. hmmm...

I'm just about to go to the orientation and begin the actual "Peace Corps" portion of my trip. :) Stay tuned...


Pigmy said...

How fitting! Your last days in the country and you get to be close to Bush! HEEHEE
We miss you already. I'm not sure whether to take you off my speed dial or to just keep calling your brother for comfort.

shedding dog said...

Hey warrior, you're kinda getting a little whiny. You've been bored for awhile. Now you are not bored at all. I want to express my love and support but the halmark card type of comments just arn't gonna fly today.
Go help someone in the next couple hours, really help them. Seek them out and help them. You are an know it...go help someone.
miss you
a bit
a smidgen