Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's the Eye of the Tiger...

I am up trying to get some last minute, stateside things done before we head out to Costa Rica in the morning. When I say "morning" let me just clarify that we have to have our luggage in the lobby by 3:30 am, DC time. That would be 1:30 am, Mountain time. Not gonna get a lot of sleep tonight.

I have completed the staging segment of my training. It was pretty exciting... not really. But, it's all part of it and we are out of country tomorrow. I have met some really interesting people. There were 33 people in the group. We've already lost one to a medical condition. The average age of the group is 22 so I am definately an elder. I am not the oldest though, there is one woman who is 33. Everyone else seems really young. They'll be fun to watch.

The really cool part is that they have already given us money to cover our expenses. That is soooo cool. Very different from the non-profit world I have been living in.

When we get to Costa Rica we will be at a retreat for 4 about an hour outside of San Jose. Then we will live with a family for the rest of the training (til October). I have been told the training is pretty intense, I will keep you posted....

By the way... this morning I got up and ran at about 6 am. I have found a running partner. :) We ran down the the Mall, around the reflecting pool and WWII memorial, up the Lincoln Memorial, sang "Eye of the Tiger," ran back and collapsed in my room. I sure dig humidity. I was a big ball of sweat... which insidentally did not keep the firemen from cat calling as we ran by their station. I consider that a success.... I mean, come on... .their firemen. :)


Anonymous said...

Yea Baby! Firemen! You go girl!
I wish I had the energy to even get up and go for a walk, let alone run!
Enjoy the trip to your new land. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Woman, If I saw you run by I'd catcall you myself, just wouldn't have the same effect as the firemen though. Love Ya Lots, Have a fantastic journey.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Kell, you are really dedicated to this running thing. In the humidity no less. I think I would be feeling pretty good if a fireman noticed me! Maybe if I was in a burning building :) Love you much
Glad you found a running buddy. Will you get to stay with her at the retreat?
Love you much-Carol

Mammacita said...

Knowing how much of a morning person you are, I pity the poor soul at airport security that tells you to take your shoes off at 3:00 am after not much sleep! Shudder!

We're all thinking of you ...
many xoxo's

Sarah said...

I miss you already - but the REAL reason i am writing is that...any one...any ONE who can get a cat call from firemen is def on my "A" list. So way to go Kel!! You should have invited them to go with?
love you - Sarah jo